I am proud to be the only candidate in Ward 9 to be endorsed by the EDLC and CLC.


"I am writing this letter as an endorsement for Dr. Rob Agostinis in his bid for city councilor in the upcoming municipal elections.

In general, I have never come across an individual who has worked so tirelessly, effectively and across so many different areas to consistently improve his greater community than Rob has. It doesn’t matter if it’s fighting to get a school or rec center built, an arts and talent show, or minor sports; Rob is supremely effective at achieving an outcome that benefits the greater community.

I have known Rob since the spring of 2014 as I began to become involved in the new community that my family and I had moved into. I have had dealings with him with both my involvement with my community league as well as a board member of TRSA.

Notable experiences with TRSA include:

  • Original board member of the association that rejoined in 2014 as the Events & Communications Director
  • Facilitated a partnership between TRSA & Brander Gardens ROCKS that provided opportunities for underprivileged kids in our community to play soccer.
    • I first met Rob at my very first TRSA board meeting. At the time, Rob’s daughter no longer played in the community soccer program, but here he was using his community and soccer connections to introduce the board at the time to a group called Brander Gardens ROCKS. His mission was to encourage TRSA to subsidize registration fees for the kids involved in this program and make allowances for logistics to get these kids to the games & practices. The board agreed at that meeting to a trial partnership, citing concerns over attendance issues and getting the kids to/from the games. The rest they say is history as the program continues to grow and flourish and just this summer, our first BGR player was able to be part of a team that travelled to Calgary and win a provincial gold medal in U14 boys Tier 4 competition.
  • Has grown the TRSA U10 Summer Solstice soccer tournament to the largest of its kind in Canada
    • Rob has nearly single-handedly grown our U10 tournament into the envy of U10 tournaments across the country. This is a testament to his uncanny knack of making everything he is involved in the “best”. When Rob inherited leadership of our tournament in 2014, it was attended by just over 50 mostly local teams, a part-time food truck and lost money on an annual basis. In the three years since, has changed venues to accommodate the nearly 100 teams that attend, (some from as far away as NWT), has added a “soccer fair/festival” that is attended by upwards of 20 vendors & sponsors and has made the tournament profitable, allowing the association to invest more resources and funds into coach and player development opportunities.
  • Established a framework for recognizing long-term coaches and volunteers within our association and organized our first ever “Coach & Volunteer Awards Night.”
  • Used his knowledge and experience from successfully spear-heading the approval and construction of the Terwillegar Rec Center, (TCRC) to assist our association in partnership negotiations with the city in regards to a new turf facility to be built in our community.

 Notable experiences with GWCL include:

  • As the EFCL district director for Zone H, he was a key mentor in establishing an effective community league board. His knowledge and experience in regards to any issue was invaluable and usually infinitely more useful than our own assigned city-employed CRC.
  • Helped guide the establishment of parent advisory councils for our local schools in advance of construction in order to expedite playground construction.
  • Established a relationship for our community to be a part of, as well as support various events. TRAC 10K, Art In Our Park, & Edmonton Youth Talent Show to name a few.

In my opinion, Rob is the ideal candidate to represent our communities on city council. He is dynamic and not a one-dimensional/one-issue candidate who has a tenacious and accountable personality that ensures that; not only will he support the best interests of our community but he will also ensure they are heard and considered at the city level as well.

Dillion Church 
President of the Terwillegar-Riverbend Soccer Association (TRSA) and formerly Development Director for the Greater Windermere Community League (GWCL) & Windermere District Director for SouthWest Edmonton Minor Soccer (SWEMSA).

"Rob is the genuine article. He embodies all that is truly honourable in his sincere desire to provide exceptional public service. Free of petty political party ideology and big business influence, Rob is driven only by what is best for the community. Through my work with him in founding our community league and organizing several events over the years, Rob's charisma and attention to detail is nothing short of astounding. His passion and energy are matched only by his record of achievement. I can't think of a better representative for Ward 9 on Edmonton City Council."

Warren Sheydwasser
Founding President OakHills Community League

"I have gotten to know Rob through the OakHills Community League over the last 7 years.  He has such a passion for all he does in our community and city to make it a better place for all residents.  Rob was approached 6 years ago to help resurrect the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues’ city wide talent show that had been cancelled a few years prior.  Rob being Rob, he said 'of course I can help'!  I joined the committee of 6 arts minded volunteers to help bring the Edmonton Youth Talent Show (EYTS) to life.  EYTS has had 5 amazing years of talented vocal performers showcase themselves in a competition with adjudication and prizes.  Rob has given youth in the Edmonton and surrounding area an amazing opportunity that may not have been there if he hadn't said 'yes'!
I have never met anyone that puts so much heart, soul and time into making our community the best possible place to call home.  I whole heartily support Rob Agostinis for Ward 9 city council"

Karen Sheydwasser
Assistant Artistic Director, Edmonton Youth Talent Show

"Over all the years I have known Rob, he has always impressed me by his commitment to improving the community, bringing new ideas and boundless energy to the task. At our first meeting, we talked about the ingredients necessary for a community to thrive, encompassing homes, schools, and places for recreation and assembly. Rob saw that the Terwillegar/Riverbend area where he lived, though prosperous, was sadly lacking in recreation and community centres. He set to work, and TRAC was born – the Terwillegar Riverbend Advisory Council, a unique consultation organization in Edmonton – with the aim of promoting a new recreation centre.
His energy and enthusiasm were infectious and he built up an excellent rapport with residents and local politicians. He was president of TRAC for over 10 years, working tirelessly to discuss what form the centre should take, and what should be included to meet the needs of different age groups in the area, and then to fundraise the $150 million needed for the final project. He was instrumental in introducing many innovations along the way, such as the Farmers’ Market and the annual Run/Walk event, amongst others.  The success of these efforts  can be seen in the popularity of the Terwillegar Community Recreation Centre, and the many uses it is put to on any given day.
I feel sure that in bringing these qualities to Edmonton City Council he will make an excellent councillor for Ward 9."

Zard Sarty
Past president of Alberta Institute of Planners, Urban Designer

"Put simply, Rob’s a leader who knows how to get things done.  He’s smart, tactful, full of energy and has a huge desire to help make this city a better place.  And that’s exactly the kind of person we need on city council."

Allan Bolstad
Former City Councillor (1992-2004) and past Executive Director of the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues (2007-2016)

"Rob has been an integral part of Brander Garden ROCKS (Reaching Out to Community Kids) since its inception. Not only did he employ his vast network of community contacts, his prowess for fundraising and his superior organizational skills to help community kids, but he gave them his heart as well. Rob is someone who doesn’t just talk about caring, he actually cares."

Sharon Gritter
Brander Gardens ROCKS coordinator

"I don't know anyone who has worked harder to make their community a better place to live, than Rob Agostinis"
Bryan Anderson
Retiring City Councillor Ward 9

"Rob is very much community minded; some four years ago he co-founded the South West Edmonton Seniors Association which he still  contributes his time and energy. Rob is results-oriented; once committed to a cause he remains focused, concentrates his energy until the desired result is realized. As a Councillor for Ward 9 Rob would do a great job for the City of Edmonton."

J.L. Tymko
South West Edmonton Seniors Association Board Member

"When I think of Rob Agostinis, I think of "community". I doubt that there is a single community group in Terwillegar-Riverbend that has not been touched by Rob's enthusiasm, ideas and inspiration. You will find Rob's name behind almost all of the community initiatives underway here  in Terwillegar-Riverbend. Rob was already an active volunteer when I first got involved with Riverbend Soccer, as it was then known, back in 2004. He went on to become one of the founding members of the Terwillegar Riverbend Soccer Association when it was formed in 2007 and has been a member of the board of TRSA, and many, many other community organizations ever since. When it comes to community service, Rob is definitely in it for the long term."

Jane Calvert
Founding President of Terwillegar Riverbend Soccer Association (TRSA)

"In 2014 I started volunteering on the committee for the Edmonton Youth Talent Show with Rob Agostinis.  The first thing that struck me was his unwavering commitment to community. He organized the team of volunteers and effectively empowered each individual on the committee to work together as a team for a united and successful event.  He secured sponsors, managed the budget effectively and worked tirelessly to ensure everyone had a good experience. Rob communicated well with everyone and encouraged feedback to ensure each year was increasingly successful. Rob would make an excellent councillor for the City of Edmonton."

Martha Livingstone
Director at the Visionary Centre for the Performing Arts

"I met Dr Rob six and a half years ago and you guessed it-- it was at a community  function working for the residences of SW Edmonton. Before I knew it I was the Seniors  Ambassador for TRAC. Rob made contact with Edmonton City Services and set the first meeting for us. We then went back and set up an open meeting for residents of SW Edmonton.  We had a turn out of over two hundred people and that was the start of SWESA. Six years later it is still going strong and Dr. Rob is back on the board.  I know you will continue to work for the residents of south west Edmonton."

Glenn Kissick
Co-founder of SWESA

"I was so excited when I found out that my good friend Dr. Robert Agostinis was running for City Council this fall. He will bring the same level of passion and enthusiasm that he has shown for the University of Alberta since graduating in the '80's. Robert is multi-talented and an exceptional listener. A community advocate who is committed to making the lives of others better. His ward constituents will be extremely well served by such a fine man of Robert's caliber. It is my honour to wholeheartedly support him."

Dr. Louis Francescutti
Professor University of Alberta, Emergency Physician

"A man who cares deeply about the wellbeing of all who live in this community. He has a huge heart, great ideas and vision, and the passion and determination to “make it happen”. No task is too big or too small. He cares about everyone, and has an amazing ability to connect people and resources for the benefit of our community.

In terms of his contributions to Brander Gardens ROCKS – (a web of programs and supports for vulnerable children and families living in our neighbourhood), not only is Rob on our Ground Team, but this special man who all families know as “Dr. Rob” has made homemade pasta with the kids, brought Santa to our annual holiday celebration, taken families camping, created amazing showcases of all that BG ROCKS does, and connected us to people and resources that have enabled us to survive and grow.

I know that as a City Councillor, Rob will continue to work tirelessly in City Hall as well as with other levels of government, for the benefit of all of us who live in this community. He will ensure that our voices are heard, connect us to the resources and supports that we need, and involve all of us in the work of ensuring that our community is a welcoming and hospitable place where neighbours know one another, diversity is celebrated and all families flourish."

Vanessa Desa
Founding Member Brander Gardens ROCKS 

"In the 18 years that I have known Rob, his passion and sincere desire to improve both Ward 9 and the entire City of Edmonton has been impressive.  He has worked tirelessly for City wide issues always keeping our community in mind.  He knows what needs to be done and is willing to step up and do it.  Rob has proven time and time again that he knows how to accomplish big things that affect all of us and I cannot think of a better Councilor for Ward 9 than Rob.  His track record proves it! Not only do I think that Rob would make a great Councilor, I believe he will make the best Councilor.  I am honoured and proud to support him."

Harold Hornig
Community Volunteer

"I have been working alongside Rob for a number of years as my role as President of the Whitemud Hills homeowners Association. Rob has served on this board as President, Past president, as well as various subcommittees within this board. I have had the privilege of working alongside Rob on this board as well as with other initiatives in our community such as the TRAC program and the Oak Hills community league.

Rob is passionate about our community and our City.  Whenever you find someone with a real passion for something, their commitment and dedication is unparalleled.  Rob has dedicated countless volunteer hours to making our community and city a better place, and I do not hesitate for a second in endorsing his bid to continue representing our community as Councillor for Ward 9."

Clint Kilkenny
President of Whitemud Hills Homeowners Association

"Rob has been one of those go-to people our community relies upon to get things done. He has been the driving force and integral in a whole host of fantastic community improvements from the very formation of the Terwillegar Riverbend Soccer Association (“TRSA”) through to the formation of the Terwillegar Riverbend Advisory Council (“TRAC”) to his terrific efforts toward the fundraising, planning and development of our wonderful Terwillegar Recreation Centre.  He has long been a devoted community minded citizen and contributor who has worked consistently and tirelessly for decades to improve the community within which he lives and works. 

While I was the Vice President of TRSA Rob was not only in charge of communications as a board member and assumed the responsibility to further grow and operate TRSA’s Summer Solstice U10 Tournament, which has remained the largest U10 soccer tournament in Canada. Over my years in Edmonton I’ve met many people who have wonderful visions of where the City should be, but few like Rob who not only possess a remarkable vision, but also have the commitment, tireless energy, tenacity and discipline to bring those visions to reality. I have seen Rob as the soccer / referee dad; as the thorough planner who has further professionalized an already very effective TRSA; as the advocate for further amenities to enhance and promote healthy active living within community and as the tireless promoter of healthy communities where children have the resources to play in their communities. He believes what he says and he’s followed through to make those visions a reality.

He has advocated for better community living with the City for decades and would apply all that energy and vision to improving our communities if part of City Council.  His actions speak for themselves.  We need such an effective visionary on City Council who will strengthen and invigorate our healthy communities!"

Jeff Sermet
President for the South West Zone of the Edmonton Minor Soccer Association

"I have confidence Dr. Rob is the candidate with the most experience, vision and energy to see that the City supports people, user groups and business that want to live, work and play in a geographic area defined by ravines and river valley. I believe Dr.Rob has the best appreciation of what it will take for Ward 9 to be Edmonton' s most desirable place to live and raise families. I believe Dr.Rob sees community as not just a flowery term used by planners but realizes "community" is somwthing built when people get together at the  grassroots to animate parks, walk on trails in all seasons and see the fruits of their input in the design and priority of projects. I believe Dr.Rob is the best candidate to see that the following projects are constructed. (With note that all have been planned with stakeholder consultations in the 2000's).

  1. Terwillegar Park as a city and provincial destination. 
  2. The Whitemud South Ravine Trails expansion to Ellerslie Road as part of the 1992 Ribbon of Green.
  3. The lighting and development of the Transalta Utility Corridor as part of an Edmonton-wide multi-year trails corridor network 
  4. The construction of pedestrian bridges, park and rides and also interchange development anticipated in the Whitemud Terwillegar Drive Interchange Plan.
  5. Terwillegar District Park development including artificial turf, shaled baseball diamonds, lit trails, picnic areas, water park, skateboard park and mountain biking park facilities planned in the fields surrounding the Terwillegar Community Recreation Centre."

Mike Boychuk
President of Oak Hills Community League