Rob is a natural leader. When asked to describe himself, the term that comes up most regularly is visionary. He is proud of his ability to engage and mobilize people to achieve a common goal. He has chosen to run for city councillor because he is certain that he can make a difference in the way that Edmonton is managed and continue to develop a community that is the envy of the city. His vision and the ability to think outside the box have already impacted many people in Ward 9. Rob’s mantra is ‘Make It Happen’, and this is demonstrated in many of his past contributions. While these will be detailed below, the most important values to be considered are his plans and hopes for the future of Ward 9.



Rob is running for City Councillor because he believes that he can make life better for his constituents and development can be made more efficiently in Ward 9. Rob is certain that his community can be an exemplar throughout North America. Constituent engagement and a fierce sense of pride in this community promises to revive and renew a diverse, growing area of Edmonton. Rob is running to be your representative because he believes in voicing a strong and honest advocacy for his ward. His commitments includes keeping Ward 9 in the forefront of city decisions, integrity around how city budgets are allocated, and building community assets that best serve the changing needs of Ward 9. These are encompassed in 5 tenets: Community Engagement, Transportation and Transit, Responsible Development and Taxation, Healthy Communities, and Caring for People.



Completing his medical education at the University of Alberta, his focus was on his studies but also revolved around a number of programs he developed to improve the healthcare community. As a student, Rob was instrumental in establishing Shinearama, a fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis, Concert Series, music for patients, and IATROS, the Alumni Medical Journal. Upon the completion of his residency and further training in pulmonary specialization, Rob’s attention and commitment grew beyond patient wellbeing to include support for physicians and their families as he helped to establish the Transitional Adjustment Program (TAP) for physicians and the most current program the Physicians and Family Support Program (PFSP). Years later, he was awarded the Long Service Award by the AMA as a result of his commitment to the Alberta medical community. Rob is the Faculty of Medicine Representative for Alumni Council at the University of Alberta and serves on the Community Services Committee as well as chairing the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry Alumni Advisory Board.




Rob is married to another physician, Dr. Isabelle Chiu. They have a 20 year old daughter Alyssa who attends the University of Alberta - 2nd year Sciences. His family has built a life in Ward 9, and his child has been a key encouragement in his involvement over the years. His dynamic personality and ability to connect with people continues to encourage his advocacy. Rob is personable and passionate, conversation regularly turns back to his eagerness to share his hobbies. He has many passions; he likes to travel, hike, sing and is dabbling as a photographer and ukulele player. He is certified (Level 2, ISG) as a Sommelier. As a gracious host, it’s a pleasure to sit and enjoy Rob’s company and soak in his infectious enthusiasm. Most exciting, Rob has embarked on an amazing fitness journey - he works out by doing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Crossfit and weight training. He has lost over 100 pounds and is passionate about this amazing lifestyle.




As mentioned above, Rob has a strong history of commitment to Ward 9, and the City of Edmonton. This past November, he was presented the Salute To Excellence Citation Award in Community Services by Mayor Don Iveson. Southwest Edmonton is growing, and as the area develops, there is a need for services that support the new and diverse population. Rob is extensively involved in community projects that promote healthy living in the Terwillegar, Riverbend and Greater Windermere areas. He is the founder and past president of the Terwillegar Riverbend Advisory Council (TRAC) – a non-profit organization that engages residents, facilitates opportunities, and leverages resources in support of strong, vibrant and united communities.TRAC was instrumental in the planning and building of the Terwillegar Community Recreation Centre (TCRC). Rob was the past President and Civics Director of the Oak Hills Community League. He's a former representative for District H (Terwillegar/Riverbend) for the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues. Rob is the co-founder and current board member of the South West Edmonton Seniors’ Association (SWESA) and the Terwillegar Riverbend Soccer Association (TRSA). Rob chairs the U10 Summer Solstice Soccer Tournament, the largest tournament of its kind in Canada.



Rob has taken his leadership beyond sports and health. He has championed many programs to bolster excellent quality of life for residents in Ward 9. He is a member of the South West Area Council and of the South Edmonton Arts Theatre Society, an organization that is planning the Lillian Osborne Community Centre. He has volunteered in several community engagement initiatives and transportation planning studies including the Whitemud/Terwillegar Interchange & Roads, the twinning of Rabbit Hill Road and the planning of Terwillegar Park. He is a member of the Community Well Being Work Group for the Mayor’s Task Force on Poverty in Edmonton. He is a collaborative member, mentor and volunteer for the Brander Gardens ROCKS (Reaching Out To Community Kids) – a community group that provides support and activities for youth and families in the community. Rob lost his father to suicide in 2009. An initiative that is close to his heart is the Mysterious Barricades - a small board that planned a Cross-Canada concert for suicide prevention and hope. He is the Media & Sponsorship Coordinator.