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When I moved into the community in 1994, we had an abundance of homes, a few schools, a few parks and not much else in the way of amenities and community engagement. I grew up in Cranbrook, a small, vibrant and bustling community in B.C.; that’s what I wanted for my family - an active and involved community. The only way to do that was to increase my own engagement, to get involved myself.

I started by joining my Homeowners Association and from there, getting involved with countless other organizations and initiatives along the way. For 23 years, I have played a major leadership role in the grassroots development of the communities in Ward 9. Along the way, I have been privileged to gain valuable skills and knowledge from the community and those I have worked with.

I want to bring my community comprehension to City Council and represent all of Ward 9. It is time to put the valuable knowledge I have gained to use and make an even bigger impact, in not only our ward, but the city as a whole. 

To learn more about the issues that impact our ward, our city and my views, please click on my platform links, and together, “Let’s make it happen!”